Cemetery Lettering

Bruce provides top quality lettering services for new monuments or on existing monuments already placed in cemeteries. Any lettering type and style can be matched. If you have a style you prefer or a style already on a monument, it can be duplicated exactly.

Bronze Restoration

I have been helping cities and towns, historical societies, veterans associations and many other restoration committees restore the beauty of Bronze Statues, Granite Memorials, and Commemorative Plaques for over 20 years. Using the finest craftsmanship available, your restoration project can be safely returned to its original luster. I will personally inspect and advise treatment for each project and explain why your Bronze Memorial has deteriorated to green and black colors and advise how to maintain your project after restoration or repairs.

Monument ​Cleaning

A granite or marble monument which has discolored or been covered with lichen or moss, can be brought back to looking brand new in most cases, with my method of environmentally safe mixtures of cleaning solutions, along with pressure washing, which is less invasive than sandblast cleaning. I take great pains to protect flowers, shrubs, or sculpture and delicate carvings on your memorial.

Graffitti Removal

This work requires visual inspection first, and depending on severity, it is labor intensive. Several steps are usually needed to hopefully, completely remove unpleasant, painted graffiti. I have had great success using my method of environmentally safe mixtures of cleaning solutions along with pressure washing which is less invasive than sandblast cleaning.

Stone Engraving

Oftentimes families have rough stone, such as fieldstone (or mailbox posts, etc.) that they wish to have engraved. Usually the price must be quoted after inspection of said stone to determine exactly what needs to be done to prepare the surface for proper engraving, depth of carving preferred and shadow, if any, needed to ensure visual satisfaction of the work.

Simplified Pricing for Cemetery Lettering

The following prices are for STANDARD MONUMENTAL LETTERING, 1 ½” or less in height. (MOST monumental lettering jobs are included in this description)

Any non-standard jobs, which are rare, such as hand-drawn, hand-cut, hand-tooled, or custom drawn fonts, OR any monumental CLEANING, will be quoted upon inspection of monument. Thank you!

For your personal peace of mind, while I am working for you, I am covered with a one million dollar liability service policy. Next day service, which may be possible, will also be discussed upon request.

Only Date of Death Needed:

(YEAR ONLY or Month, Day and Year)


Full Inscriptions Needed:

(Example: Name and dates)

$10.00 per letter/number, Plus $195.00 set-up charge


BRUCE R. JACKSON (13 letters)

AUG. 21, 1921 - SEPT. 21, 2013 (19 letters/numbers)

Total letters/numbers (32) X $10.00 = $320.00

Plus: $195.00

Total Cost: $515.00

2 or More Names Needed:



AUG. 21, 1921 - SEPT. 21, 2013

His Wife

Theresa M. (Donovan)

FEB. 3, 1923 - JAN. 10, 2014

Total letters/numbers (71) X $10.00 = $710.00

Plus: $195.00

Total Cost: $905.00

I'm upfront about my costs with no hidden fees. My pricing is designed to be simple and minimize your stress during a difficult time. There is no down payment required for work to be completed; only your signature for approval of order and permission. You will receive an invoice for the balance once work is completed and you are satisfied.

Note: Some cemeteries require a permit fee, this could be an additional cost.